Introduction to Qualitas

Qualitas Property Partners Ltd. are experts in the provision of first-class property management and maintenance services. Founded in 2010, we have enjoyed continuous growth in the industry and are now responsible for the management of an extensive portfolio of multi-unit residential and commercial developments in Ireland and Cyprus

What Makes us Different?

  • Qualitas was founded in the Republic of Ireland, a highly regulated market which requires all property management companies to be licensed and its staff to hold industry relevant qualifications and experience.
  • We have imported these evolved standards and practices to Cyprus and partnered with established and respected industry experts to tailor these to the Cyprus Market.
  • This has resulted in Qualitas quickly becoming one of the principal property management companies in Cyprus, with our clients benefiting from our professional approach, experienced staff, industry knowledge and our strong focus on Transparency, Accuracy and Quality in the service we provide.

Districts We Cover

Based from our Head Office in Limassol, we provide Communal Management and Administration services for residential and commercial buildings across the Republic of Cyprus including the Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Famagusta districts.  

To ensure the highest standards are maintained across all services, we utilise locally based teams of qualified service staff for each district.  Each building/complex is allocated a dedicated and experienced property manager who ensures quality of service and generally oversees the operation and management of the property.  

Communal Management Services We Provide

Our highly qualified and experienced team operate to industry best practices for all disciplines with a hands on approach to tackling the issues in your building. Our speedy response times allow us to deal with reactive maintenance to ensure that small issue do not become large items of expenditure whilst our proactive approach to planned preventative maintenance safeguards your property and minimises risk and liability.


Assigned Property Managers (one point of contact), Detailed Site Inspection Reports, Vendor Management, Regulatory Guidance & Support.  Short and Long Term Planned Preventative Maintenance Plans (PPM Planning)


In-house qualified accountants: Financial Management & Budgeting, Expense Tracking, Communal Fee Invoicing & Debt collection. Secure Committee & Owners Portal: Online access to published financial reports statements & relevant documentation.


To ensure the highest standards are maintained across all services, we employ locally based teams of qualified service staff for each district operating under the supervision of our team leaders and each sites dedicated property manager.


In-house certified, qualified and experienced personnel. Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Waste Water, HVAC, Carpentry & Joinery, Roofing and Painting & Decoration. Our in-house qualified interior architect oversees our Fully Managed Refurbishment Services.

About Qualitas

Professionalism a customer service is of paramount importance to Qualitas.

We ensure that all Property Managers carry the appropriate qualifications and are backed up by extensive industry experience. Our Maintenance department is given equal regard and we ensure that all work is completed to the highest professional standards.

Tying our Property Management and Maintenance services together is our established in-house business system which allows us to provide a tailored, cost-efficient and accountable service to all our clients.

Our Management Team

Our highly qualified and experienced team operates to industry best practices for all disciplines with a hands on approach to tackling the issues in your building.  Our speedy response times allow us to deal with reactive maintenance to ensure that small issues do not become large items of expenditure while our proactive approach to planned preventative maintenance safeguards your property and minimises risk and liability.

Qualitas is structured to provide our clients with a ‘turn-key property service’ at competitive rates, all of which is managed and overseen by highly qualified and experienced department managers.  

David Robertson
Managing Director

David co-founded Qualitas in 2010 and has helped grow the group to have over 150 employees.

He has extensive experience in the property management industry across all sectors and is a major advocate for improved professional standards and regulations in the property management industry in Cyprus.

David received a B.Sc. (Surv) in Property Economics from the DIT. He is a proud member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors in Ireland and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in England.

Russell Flick
Director of Property Management

Our Communal Management and Administration Services are managed by the Communal Regulations Specialist and author of ‘The Ultimate Committee Handbook’ Russell Flick.

Russell is a vocal campaigner for the reformation of the Cyprus Property Laws and
 provides comprehensive advice and support to our clients on the regulatory framework of communal building ownership, along with best practices and protocols.

Elias Demetriou
Head of Operations

Elias studied Mechanical Engineering at the Higher Technical Institute and later continued his studies in the US attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Master’s degree in Construction Management. He has worked on several government projects with one of the major contractors in the US including The Pentagon Renovation and the Washington Monument.

He also worked in the Oil industry in Libya and the hotel industry in Cyprus with leading hotels such as Le Meridien, InterContinental Aphrodite Hills and Amavi.

Vicky Ioannou
Head of Accounts

Vicky is an ACCA Qualified Accountant, with over a decade of experience working in the Property, Construction, and Oil & Gas industries.

She holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooks University, as well as an MSc in Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Birmingham.

Vicky has held senior positions at globally renowned companies including Senior Auditor at a UK Accounting Firm, Chief Accountant at a Building Contractor, and Accounting Supervisor at an International Midwater Drilling Contractor.

A selection of our managed buildings/resorts

Park Tower - Limassol
Queens Gardens - Paphos
Q Scala - Larnaca
Eden Beach - Limassol
Coralli Spa - Protaras
Oroklini Hills - Larnaca

Our complex is made up of 114 flats, 8 shops a reception, gym, roof pool and large roof terrace area.  

With a complex of this size with so many facilities, servicing it can prove difficult.  Qualitas provides solutions to the daily, medium and long terms issues in a timely, efficient and coordinated manner.  They are effectivly handling our budget, provide regular reporting and are on call 24 hours a day.  

I strongly recommend Qualitas not only for the service they provide but for their professional and transparent approach.

Ilias Nicolaou 
Committee President - Eden Beach

Qualitas is successfully managing part of our real estate portfolio, comprising of large commercial assets, government organisation and high-profile companies.

By using their team of skilled professionals, Qualitas is able to provide a high standard of service across Cyprus, providing solutions, resolving issues in a timely manner and ensure the smooth running of our buildings.

Major advantages of working with Qualitas would be their professional approach, speed of service and their transparent and efficient reporting.

Harris Venizelos - CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often does a representative from your company visit block you manage and monitor how staff and contractors are fulfilling their obligations?

We believe in offering our clients a proactive approach rather than relying on a reactive management service. In this regard, we have implemented measures of continuous monitoring on all of the developments we manage.

Qualitas personnel are on-site on a weekly basis whether it is the property manager, operations manager or our general operatives and this allows us to attend to all maintenance issues before they become major problems.

 Our Operations Managers review all work carried out on a continuous basis to ensure the quality of service.

What response times do you propose to deal with requests/communications?

At Qualitas we pride ourselves on offering first-class service levels to our clients and responding to all queries whether by phone or email without delay. We have a 24-hour max response time to deal with returning committee phone calls and emails.  Where more time is needed to investigate a query you will be informed and kept up to date with developments.

Where do you keep communal fees?

The preferred option is for the main communal funds to be held in a dedicated bank account in the name of the management committee.  We however understand due to restrictive bank rules these accounts are difficult to create and update as new committee members are elected.

As an alternative we can set up a dedicated account with our banking provider, this account will be strictly ring-fenced from any other client or company funds and solely used for the communal fund of your development.  Bank statements for this account will be provided with the monthly reports.

How are maintenance jobs tracked?

When a new maintenance job is reported either by a member of staff or a owner/resident they are entered into our Block management software system.  this tracks the progress of the job and all communications relating to it.

Our staff technicians use specialist software which GPS logs arrival and departure from the development, before/after photos and signature of client (if applicable).  These work reports are uploaded with the financial reports so our clients can see full details of works being performed on site.

About the team

How many staff do you employ?

Qualitas employs over 150 members of full time staff members across our group, with 30 of our staff being permanently based in Cyprus.

What Languages are you able to communicate in?

We can communicate 1-1 with clients in spoken and written Greek, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

For other languages we can use either machine translation for standard communications, or a professional translation service for official communications.

Who will the committee communicate with?

Each one of our managed buildings/complexes is assigned a dedicated Property Manager, this will be the committees single point of contact for most matters relating to the building and will then work with our various departments and team members to action any requests.

Do you offer a 24 hour emergency callout service?

We operate a maintenance emergency call line which is active 24 hours a day 365 days per year.  

Outside of normal working hours we have on-call technicians who are available to attend in the event of an out of hours emergencies.